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What are the fees for buying and selling?

Last revision: Mar 10, 2020

Trading fees are fixed at 1% or 3 EUR whichever is higher.

Kaiserex trades on 37 other exchanges and acts as a broker, we try to get the best rate for our Client, any fees we have to pay to the bank or to our exchange partners will be covered by the Client and we will charge 1% on top of that as our service fee.

Orders with USD, GBP, JPY, PLN will encounter additional currency exchange fees which is determined by our banks.

Banking fees such as deposit/withdrawal when trading USD, GBP, JPY, PLN are charged on top and the Client has to cover them.

Minimum order amount is 10 EUR.

We have a track record of buying more cryptocurrency for our clients(2017 Autumn 3.26% more cryptocurrency bought), than they would get trading themselves.

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