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We provide personalized, premium services to our clients

At Kaiserex our clients are treated like Royalty

We have built our trading infrastructure with 30+ cryptocurrency exchanges and multiple OTC connections. This gives us the edge we need to deliver exceptional results and outperform the competition.

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Who we are

Cryptographic currencies pioneers

In a rapidly evolving crypto market it is necessary to be closely involved with developers, marketers and other cryptocurrency pioneers. Since 2014 we have been building our know-how and relationships with well known cryptocurrency experts, bitcoin self-made millionaires, and some of the best technology gurus in this field.

Investment professionals

Our CEO has extensive investment experience. He studied finance at ITPM.com institute and created the first cryptocurrency portfolio based on fundamental analysis in 2015. First Kaiserex clients who invested in CRYPTO5 portfolio achieved up to 3800% growth.


Keeping your cryptocurrency safe is crucial. Without taking precautions, you leave your currency vulnerable to viruses and phishing applications on your computer. We constantly work with security experts on preventing vulnerabilities and implementing various cold storage solutions to keep cryptocurrencies safe.

What we believe


Enabling sophisticated investors to effectively invest in the upcoming new age of currency by providing a transparent and reliable platform that eliminates the need to be a technical expert or analyze vast amounts of data.


We see a world where everyone has equal access to financial services and financial instruments, where everyone gets paid fairly based on their contribution, where services are transparent and responsive, and where blockchain technology plays a crucial role in the process.


Our goal is to be the most informed and intelligent company within the cryptocurrency world and use that knowledge to make money for our clients and ourselves.